Comicbook and Cartoon fest in Prizren

Monday, September 10, 2012.
This year I was a guest in the Comic and Cartoon fest in Prizren, Kosovo. Beside me, there were several other participants from Skopje , Macedonia : Smile Cvetanovski ( illustrator , comic artist and graphic designer ) , Toni Anastasov ( comic artist and illustrator ) and Nikola Temkov ( comic artist and illustrator). There were an exhibition and several workshops with the artist from France, Ciprus and Italy . There were many guests and participants from many countries and it was nice to share and exchange opinions and knowledge . Many thanks to the organizator and  comic artist Gani Sunduri.

                                            Me and comic artist from Italy, Alessandro Bocci .

                                   Nikola Temkov, Toni Anastasovski and Smile Cvetanovski.

                                                           My drawing , a gift for Gani.
                                  A caricatures made by the guest from Ciprus , Mustafa Tozaki.

A portrait of me, made by Mustafa Tozaki

A gift from Alessandro Bocci

A gift from Fabiano Ambu , comic artist from Italy

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Развигор said...

Промоција на постов преку Глобал војсис

* Kosovo: Prizren Comic Book & Cartoon Festival

Morgana said...

Ти благодарам, баш ме изненади со интересот за оваа тематика :)

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